Favorite HNT of 2009

•December 30, 2009 • 15 Comments

There is just something wonderfully sexy about being wrapped in satin. The dress is gone, but the wrap is still gently caressing my body; gently awakening it; gently getting me ready for our New Year’s celebration.

Happy New Year to you all!

I hope 2010 fulfills your most intimate desires.

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I’m a Little Bit Country…

•December 23, 2009 • 7 Comments

Just a little bit countryLookin’ for a little Rock n’ Roll.HNT_1

It’s hot, hot, hot in the kitchen…

•December 16, 2009 • 11 Comments

Cooking in a hot kitchen. What’s a woman to do?

Hungry as ever….

•December 9, 2009 • 12 Comments

Baby it’s cold outside! And I’m hungry. Soup is nice, but nothing warms my soul as much as you do. HNT_1

Brrrr…It’s cold outside!

•December 2, 2009 • 12 Comments

I’m ready! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it Snow!

HNT-Still in Vegas-Tough Hand

•November 18, 2009 • 11 Comments

Then again, I’ve always enjoyed a tough hand.

Well my fans, I’ve used up all my cards. So if you have any ideas to help my creative juices flow, I am open for your suggestions. What photos would you like to see? Maybe I can oblige.


HNT in Vegas – Chest Your Cards

•November 11, 2009 • 17 Comments