HNT – The Eyes Have It.



~ by Diana on February 3, 2010.

13 Responses to “HNT – The Eyes Have It.”

  1. Ohhhh this is great! Truly beautiful eyes, and great job on the photo editing!

  2. Oh she has *beautiful* eyes. I love when eyes have that upturn, very sexy.

  3. So much mystery in those eyes. Wonderful HNT!

  4. Sam is truly amazing. I can’t believe those are my eyes!

  5. Love the eye shots. I am working on a photographic project dealing with eyes.

  6. So beautiful. Your eyes say so much in this picture. Lovely!

  7. Really beautiful eyes!! Cool edit!

  8. Good afternoon Dianna,

    Yes, they do!

  9. Oh my yes…gorgeous Diana!!

  10. I love the click-thru, I can almost imagine the playful smirk on your face!

    Happy HNT!

  11. Hubman – Based on your smirk comment, I would almost guess you know Diana!

  12. So cool!


  13. I am a huge fan of these photos and the effect you’ve used here. It’s incredible! Definitely one of my faves this week without a doubt. I love beautiful eyes and yours are stunning! HHNT. 🙂

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