Sam here

Occasionally HNTers post info or comments about producing the photos they shoot.  I’ve taken most of the pictures on Diana’s page, but don’t post on the site myself.  However, I was particularly pleased with how this weeks batch came out, and have been experimenting a bit more with hi-key exposure, both in camera and with photoshop assistance.

I usually tweak for color effect/levels, noise, and cropping. I do not manipulate (i.e., stretch, shrink body parts, etc.) the images.  Okay, small admission. Two photos on the blog have some manipulation.  One is super easy to spot.  The other is probably not. Let the hunt begin.

This series for Thursday the 28th,  all come from the same shot. Surprisingly (to me), they required very little time (other than the selective color one).  I’m interested in your feedback and thank you to all the other HNTers out there inspiring our photoshoots!


~ by Sam on January 27, 2010.

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