Feel Your Boobies HNT

I’m on my own clock lately. But never late for a party! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Some I’m here with some pictures to remind you to FEEL YOUR BOOBIES every month. Early detection is key to survival! Your hands are your best diagnostic tools.

squeeze pink


So Don’t Forget!
And say hi to Os.

~ by Diana on October 14, 2009.

9 Responses to “Feel Your Boobies HNT”

  1. Most excellent! Love the artistic take on it!


  2. I am sure before the end of the night you will have them lining up to help! lovely

  3. It’s not JUST sexy, it’s therapeutic! 🙂


    Happy HNT!


  4. Lovely pictures. Important message.


  5. Wow, yes there would be lots of willing helpers I’m guessing… they are lovely!

  6. A serious message…but so beautifully expressed!

    Happy HNT!

  7. Good morning Diana,

    I’ve had 3 relations survive breast cancer, mostly due to early detection. You have a lovely way of making the point.

  8. Best reminder ever 😉

  9. These are great shots AND they really drive your point home! Well done! HHNT!

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