Musical HNT




~ by Diana on October 7, 2009.

17 Responses to “Musical HNT”

  1. You make me want to learn how to play guitar. Very sexy and cool shots.

  2. Amazing shots….. I’m never disappointed when I visit. Such amazing photography with an utterly lovely model.

  3. Perfect.


  4. Wow, this is beautiful! I really love the click-through, too!

    Happy HNT!


  5. Damn – fine pic. One of my favs I have seen in a while!!


  6. I love this – the lighting is perfect!

  7. excellent stuff here, very creative

    wannabe music nerd

  8. Stunningly done.

    I play the guitar, but wow, you wear it well.


  9. Hmmm, let me play that string… 😉

  10. Two finely tuned instruments.
    I love the lighting.
    Very sexy.

    I bet there are a lot of men out there who would love to play your body like a guitar.

  11. Those pics are twanging my strings 🙂 Happy HNT

  12. Holy crap that was hot. Love it!!

  13. Good morning Diana,

    So very lovely, you’re so much more than a guitar stand!

  14. Great pics…I esp. like them since I’m a musician too!

  15. Super click-through. The contrasting curves of your sweet body and the guitar are so clever.

  16. Fantastic! HHNT

  17. Lovely, artistic click through. Love it!

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