HNT – Tired of Waiting

lookingdownI got tired of waiting. So here I sit. But I wish it were your lips trailing kisses along my shoulder. I wish it were your fingers dipping into my top. I wish it were your hands spreading my legs to roll down my stockings.
I wish it were you.

~ by Diana on September 16, 2009.

18 Responses to “HNT – Tired of Waiting”

  1. Delicious angle!


  2. I love these arty close ups that you do. The framing is perfection. You look amazing.


  3. Oooh, fishnets!! It’s a mini-theme this week! Very hot.


  4. Great angle and love the fishnets.

  5. Still waiting??? That’s just wrong!

  6. I do love fishnets.
    They never fail to excite.
    And you do wear them so well…

  7. But as long as you’re waiting…


    Lovely photo, Diana, happy HNT,


  8. Oh my goodness. That was … wonderfully beautiful.


  9. Good morning Diana,

    So enticing, I hope you get your wish.

  10. i’m here, i’m still here!

  11. Great view! Happy HNT

  12. Delicious photo to match seductive writing.

  13. If there is is such a thing as Classically Sexy, that’s you. Great shot! Happy HNT!

  14. Artistic and sizzling.

    Happy HNT!

  15. I’ve featured you in my Friday Favorites! *muah*

  16. I never doubt the sheer beauty I will find here

  17. But I’m still glad you waited 🙂
    I’m late getting round this week so Happy HNT for yesterday!

  18. I do love this angle, the color, and the cleavage, and the fishnets. Super hot. Found the pic on Vixen’s site

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