very short skirt 400
Bending over backwards and forwards trying to get everything done. Hope you enjoy the overextended, overexposed view.HNT_1

~ by Diana on August 20, 2009.

15 Responses to “HNT-Overexposed”

  1. I do believe your tardiness will be excused. Maybe with a bit of a spanking, as well!

  2. I’m with Os. I brought a paddle.
    You can do me next right?

  3. Very sexy. Happy HNT.

  4. Wow to your beauty.

  5. Good morning Diana,

    Enjoy it, yes very much!

  6. Quite lovely, very sexy!!

  7. the exposure’s just fine where i sit

  8. Mind it? Ipositively love it!

  9. Oh my…

    Happy HNT!

  10. oh dear me woman, that is fantastic And oh so spankable

  11. *breathtaking* Wow!

  12. What are that chocolate coloured undies doing there? They are unwanted accessoires… 😉

  13. Kevin you silly. They’re black. Just a little overexposed from Sam’s flash.

    And the “unwanted accessories” serve a good purpose. All good things should need to be unwrapped before enjoying.



  14. Yummy goodness…

  15. oh my goodness that’s hot! you have a gorgeous ass sweetie. mmm hmm

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