HNT-Nightie Night!

nightieIt’s late. I’m sleepy. So I’ve gone to bed. It’s a nightie night for me. What are you wearing?

See you in the morning.


~ by Diana on July 23, 2009.

17 Responses to “HNT-Nightie Night!”

  1. Great picture, thanks for sharing.

  2. well *I* wear nothing but a smile.. but i can help you out of that sexy little number with no prob 😉


  3. What I’m wearing is boring. What you’re wearing is exquisite if only because you wear it so well. Bravo on another stunning photograph.

  4. LOVE the angle on this pic. So lovely……

  5. That leg sort of goes all the way up, doesn’t it?

  6. That is absolutely stunning! Framable for sure.

    oh, and I am wearing nothing but a blanket… which seems to have slipped down around my waist as I type

  7. So lovely! I’m not wearing anything as lovely as that!


  8. Oh *my* that’s a lovely photo, Diana! Lovely pose, lovely light, lovely nightie, awesome legs… the works! Very nice!

    Happy HNT!,


  9. That looks sexy as hell! Great picture.

  10. Good morning! [I know it goes against the title, but yours is one of the first HNTs I’m seeing this morning…]

    Happy HNT!

  11. With you looking like that, who cares what I am wearing? 🙂 Happy HNT

  12. me? nothing…those bows on your sandals there are pitch-perfect


  13. Stunning!

  14. Good Afternoon Diana,

    A smile, a big one!

    Absolutely Gorgeous!

  15. And what a gorgeous nightie it is!

    xx Dee

  16. that’s so hot!

  17. oh my! i missed my surfing last week and came today. you are just so sexy. cute little baby doll.

    happy hnt (a week late, but with affection)

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