HNT-Red, White & Blues

little bit country 400I’m a little bit country. Want to rock n’ roll?

Happy 4th of July y’all!


~ by Diana on July 2, 2009.

22 Responses to “HNT-Red, White & Blues”

  1. Country girls are hot as hell!! And you are rocking it!!!


  2. Oh, I love everything about this – the red gingham, the hat, the jeans – that peek of cleavage! If only everyone’s patriotism was like this!

    Happy HNT!

  3. Great use of your colors!
    Did you get my email??

  4. you’re so beautiful diana. i loves your pictures. this is totally sexy.

    happy hnt

  5. I love the gingham shirt – adorable!


  6. The colors in this are insane! I love the composition, the vantage point, the clothing, EVERYTHING!!


  7. Country folks rule!

  8. Now this may be *THE. BEST* red/white/blue pic I have ever seen. Adorable and super sexy at the same time! You always impress me doll.

  9. I love this shot. Evokes a certain fantasy. 🙂

  10. That is an absolutely gorgeous photo, and not just for the cleavage. And your shirt reminds me of one I had when I was just coming into my sexuality as a teenager… Perfect memory of one year when I wore that to an Independence Day party! Love it, HHNT!

  11. I love gingham! The lighting and angle is perfection, this is a fabulous pic without question.

  12. That’s a great picture. Better Homes and Gardens meets Victoria’s Secret. You could really teach Martha Stewart a thing or two about how to best use a gingham plaid!

    Happy HNT!

  13. holy hell! this is transcendent of simple half-nekkidness, of simple rote patriotism. this shot is just so fantastically well composed! you make country look good, miss diana! *fans herself*

  14. This is FABULOUS! Adorable!!

  15. i’m all rock, hate country, but if you’re a little bit, then, well, i’ll make an exception. lovely pic, hhnt

  16. Good afternoon Diana,

    That is it, right there. The reason Red White and Blue are so special!

  17. Ooohhhh, nice picture! Lovin’ the cleavage too!


  18. Great picture!

  19. Terrific! Happy 4th weekend dear!

  20. fantastic shot….fits the season well…lovely as always

  21. Another smashing pic. I know it’s Friday so I hope Yesterday was a happy HNT.

  22. Wonderful.

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