Still Hungry!-HNT

After 11 months, 55 posts , 377 comments and 10,903 views, I’m still hungry. Today I am hungry for your fist clutching my hair as I sit naked on my knees, my wrists cuffed behind me. Today I am hungry for your cock pounding against the back of my throat, my red lipstick smudged against your groin. Today I am hungry for you!
Lead me where you will. I will follow.

~ by Diana on March 19, 2009.

15 Responses to “Still Hungry!-HNT”

  1. Wow.

    Absolutely fabulous pic. Just amazing.


  2. The FX are gorgeous, you really did a beautiful job.

  3. The shadow is haunting. You are beautiful.

  4. For some reason it’s the double end of the fastener that makes this such a stirring photo. It’s a nice acknowledgment that in real life obligations go both ways. Lovely composition and very nice post-processing!

    Happy HNT, Diana!


  5. I love the shadows. Quite stunning, darling!

  6. Devastatingly sexy – I love this photo. HHNT!

  7. I am with others – that shadow just gets me.



  8. Good Afternoon Diana,

    Which do you suppose is greater, the hunger you feel or the hunger you inspire, hard to say less one grasp the collar and satisfy them both?

  9. damn D, thats fuckin sexy……..

  10. Holy hell.. I don’t know what is sexier you or the words.. gotta be you!
    Happy belated HNT

  11. beautiful


  12. yummy!

  13. I felt your hunger in my crotch when I read and looked at your gorgeous picture :p

    Happy belated HNT!!!

  14. A delicious image – and one of my favourite this week! It’ll be in my Sunday roundup 🙂

    xx Dee

  15. I’ll lock you on my chain and have you for diner ;-P

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