HNT-Just Hanging Around


~ by Diana on January 22, 2009.

10 Responses to “HNT-Just Hanging Around”

  1. Ouch, but great photo!


  2. That’s lovely. Happy HNT!

  3. I’m sorry. I always get a shiver up my spine when I see nipple clamps. I’m a wuss…

  4. Cool effect, Diana!

    Happy HNT,


  5. *winces* Wow – I totally couldn’t do that. Kudos to you!

    xx Dee

  6. If it hurts, can I kiss it better? 🙂 Happy HNT

  7. These just get hotter and hotter – this one appeals to me very much 😉 HHNT!

  8. My first reaction….OUCH>>>>>>>>

  9. Todays first post where the combination of title/picture made me really laugh. Humor is important and I love this 😀

    Happy HNT!!!

  10. lol@ hanging around!

    excellent pic, very sexy

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