Sorry I’ve been locked up. HNT

Halloween was fun.

Thanksgiving was grand.

Now it’s back to my cuffs no more waiting at hand.

My body is ready. My heart and my soul.

I want you. I need you.

Restore me to whole.


~ by Diana on December 4, 2008.

13 Responses to “Sorry I’ve been locked up. HNT”

  1. Lovely sexy photo – the light – and your ass – are simply stunning. HHNT!

  2. Fantastic. hhnt.

  3. Beautiful picture…

  4. awesome pic.
    very sexy.

  5. Wonderful use of light and shadows in that pic. Welcome back – of course you’ve been missed 🙂 Happy HNT.

  6. fantastic photo!!!

  7. Stunning photography…. Excellently cropped making an insanely sexy and suggestive photo! happyHNT!

  8. wow…this is a really good photo, great angle, shadows…all of it.

  9. wow welcome back

  10. Hey sweetie, just wanted to drop by and let you know I used you….in my Friday Favorites 😉
    Have a great wkend! xo

  11. Love the elements of this shot…YOU!

    Happy (belated) HNT!

  12. WOW!

  13. I love this shot…

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