Difficult Journey (Part 3)

The story begins here.

And continues here.

Twenty minutes after getting settled in our hotel, I started to get ready for dinner.  I stripped down and searched through my wheelie for the sexy underwear I brought.  Master firmly, but gently gripped my elbow, startling me out of my focus.

Minutes later Master had pulled a small box out from behind his back and presented it to me.  He instructed me to open it.  It contained a small, solid silver necklace, more like a choker.  It was a collar, but would only be recognizable as one to someone who understood my role as pet. Master then placed it around my neck.  It was surprisingly heavy.  He knew this would distract me all evening.

Before I could turn my attention back to my suitcase, he handed me a bag.  Another present? It contained a dress with matching shoes.  It was a gorgeous, deep blue, very low back and just deep enough cut in front to reveal enough breast to catch the attention of any red blooded man.  This really surprised me.  Master normally trusts me to dress for him.

He then handed me a garter and stockings.   No panties.

I quickly got dressed.  Already I was dripping. Then there was a third gift: a pretty silver belt with a series of hoops that matched the choker.  It was heavy too.

Five minutes before our cab was to arrive, Master bent me over, and squeezed some lube in my ass.  Then something cold and heavy was forced between my cheeks. Master pulled me up to stand.

Ugh.  The plug wasn’t just heavy, but felt as if a ten-pound weight was pulling down on my sphincter and  trying to drop to the floor.  I couldn’t wait to see it later that evening.

Fifteen minutes later we were getting out of the cab.  Master had brought me to a very nice restaurant.

~ by Diana on September 13, 2008.

One Response to “Difficult Journey (Part 3)”

  1. Elegant, delicious, scandalous. How wonderful.

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