Difficult Journey (Part 2)

The story begins here.

Five minutes after boarding I am squirming in my seat. The flight is two and a half hours. It is going to be a difficult journey indeed. Master caresses my cheek and leans in for a quick kiss. Then he settles his hand on my thigh so that I must sit still.

Thirty minutes into the flight Master covers me with a blanket and allows me to curl up on my side, head in his lap. I pop the button on my jeans relieving a little bit of pressure off my sore bottom. Master smooths my hair back and reaches under the blanket to trace circles across my chest, teasing the neckline of my blouse lower and lower until his fingertips caress the top of my breasts, thoroughly distracting me from any discomfort. I fell soundly asleep.

An hour before landing I was startled awake by Master pinching my nipples. I gasped and tried to bolt up, but he held me in place. His hand moved down to my ass and squeezed. I stifled a gasp.

“Sit up!”

I jumped. I bit my lip as all the feeling came rushing back to my bottom. Sitting up brought tears fresh tears to my eyes. Master leaned in and reminded me how beautiful my eyes are when glistening like that. I kissed him and leaned my head on his shoulder. Master bid me to sit without so much as a wiggle for the rest of the flight and so I did. I sat. I sat and felt the heat. The longer I sat the hotter my bottom became. My breathing became shallow as I tried to reach some state of meditation that would allow me not to feel the welts. And as I struggled to sit perfectly still, I could feel my pussy begin to drip.

Five minutes before landing I was allowed to move the weight of my body off my welts. My ass was practically numb, but I could feel the blood rushing back to my backside. Heat flooded me and my pussy flooded. I bit my lip as my orgasm overtook me. Master held my hand.

Five minutes after landing I was changing my panties in the airport bathroom.

~ by Diana on September 6, 2008.

One Response to “Difficult Journey (Part 2)”

  1. Wow… this is a great story

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