HNT-Difficult Journey

It was thirty minutes before we had to leave for the airport. The bags were packed except for a few minor carry-on items. Master sent me to our room. I sat on the bed and waited for him.

“To the wall. Drop your pants. Arms up.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Fifteen minutes before leaving I was massaging oil onto my freshly welted bum.

The car ride was uncomfortable in my new jeans. (They were coarse for not having had their first washing.) We held hands along the way and talked as if nothing was unusual at all.

While Master checked us in I went to the restroom. When I opened my make-up case there was a note. “Put this in.” I unwrapped what was my favorite plug. I looked in my case and was relieved to find that Master had also slipped in a small bit of lube.

Forty-five minutes before take off I was nervously approaching security. Is there any metal in my plug? Will the alarm go off? Shoes off. Laptop out. Toiletries dutifully bagged. I walk through security.


Master smiles at me as I blush furiously. “Any keys, change, cell-phones?” I reach for my head. In my nervousness I had forgotten that this barrette always sets off the darn thing.

I choose to stand while waiting for our flight. Master sits and reads. Every now and then he looks up at me, and smiles knowingly.

Five minutes before boarding Master calls me to him. He pulls me to his lap. My bottom smarts. His hand discretely caresses it. “It may be a difficult journey for you, darling.”


~ by Diana on September 4, 2008.

13 Responses to “HNT-Difficult Journey”

  1. That’s some wicked welting you’ve got there! I hope the plane journey wasn’t too long 🙂

    xx Dee

  2. Wow, if you’re into that kind of play that’s a *heck* of a story, Diana. Wild photo too. Happy HNT!


  3. ouieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    that looks like its gonna hurt!!


  4. Difficult journey… but what about the destination?

  5. That is deliciously, deliciously erotic.

    *Wicked grin*

    And I can’t even imagine a multi-hour flight with my rear like that. You’re a trooper.

    Happy HNT!

  6. Very lovely striping. It looks like candy. Happy HNT!

  7. Ouch. Did you really enjoy that? Silly question – of course you did! Happy HNT.

  8. Wow. Just wow. I can’t imagine sitting on those welts for the duration of a flight–even a short one. Not to mention the plug! How did you do?


  9. You’re amazing. I wouldn’t be sitting in an uncomfy airplane seat too well with my rear end looking like that.


  10. Shock and Awe…it is all I got

  11. What a wonderful story! and beautiful welts!

  12. Loved your story/post and wow on the welts!!! So were you going to some fantastic destination??? Happy HNT!!!

  13. How fun! HappyHNT!

    My HNT!

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