I hear my Master’s order. I hurry to the bathroom and start the shower. After brisk clean up I step out on to the cold tile and dry off. I wrap myself in the warm, fuzzy, white robe the he gave me as a gift.

Entering the bedroom, I see Master’s serious, but kind face. I haven’t seen him in a while, so I’m not quite sure what to expect. I think he’s pleased with me.

I hope he’s pleased with me. But not too pleased; I haven’t been properly punished in far too long.

He grabs the collar of my robe and thrusts it to the floor. My pussy begins to tingle. I’m afraid I’m already getting wet.  I hope I don’t get punished for this.

Or, I hope I do.

Master’s hands grab my waist and his arms force me to him. His lips first brush roughly against mine. Then his tongue pushes my mouth open. It’s warm. He’s always warm. I love that.

He embraces me and kisses me again. But he’s kissing me rather than us kissing together. I’m being used for his pleasure. I need this feeling. I’m having trouble breathing from the anticipation.

Lay down.

These are only the second and third words he has spoken to me all evening. His words are never angry, but his tone almost jerks my body into action before I can think.

That he can control me with just his voice is intoxicating. I’m really wet now. I’m sure to be in trouble. I grin.

His fingers reach under my ass and they roll me over, face down, the pillow tucked under my stomach. My head quickly starts pounding as blood rushes to my head. I’m sure this sensation is more from excitement than from being ass up-head down on his high bed.

My mind immediately wanders, wondering what is in store next. Before I know it, leather slides around my neck and Master’s favorite collar is locked into place. I gasp with surprise and, “Pop”!  In goes the ball gag and its strap is buckled. Quick as lightning it is done. The blood that had been in my heads has raced to swell my pussy’s lips.

He walks away.

It seems like a long time, but I’m sure it has just been a few minutes. Is Master looking for the cuffs? Usually the wrist and ankle cuffs come next. Maybe even the spreader bars followed by the supple, new crop Master purchased.

You will hold still.

It’s not a question. My pussy lips and inner thighs are starting to burn. I’m sure to be punished.

Again I am waiting. I start to worry in my unusually unrestrained state. What am I going to be instructed to do. My pent-up sexual anticipation is almost knife-sharp.

Don’t move.

Cold. Something cold runs across my ass. It feels almost like ice, but I’m sure it is not.

You are to hold still. Do you understand.

I nod as much as the collar and gag will allow me without pulling all the small hairs on the back of my neck.

Keep your hands at your sides.  They will not move.

He has my ass high in the air. Cheeks spread out and my hole exposed as much as it has ever been before.

I feel a tug at my anus.

Ouch! That hurts I think. But I keep quiet. I’m not sure what Master is doing.

Then I feel another tug. And a sharp pull.

I realize Master is plucking the little bit of fine, dark hair around my anus. I’m a little startled. He’s never done this to me before. It is a struggle to hold still. I want to move my hands but his will keeps me from doing so. This thought alone makes my cunt swell.

Lying face down, my mind races with this new experience. I always keep my pussy nicely shaven as my Master instructs, but I’ve never razored my ass clean. I’m sure I’m soaking the pillow underneath me.

Pull. Tug. Pluck.

Slowly the little pin pricks of pain turn to a dull warmth. From dull warmth, they become a blaze of ecstasy. This is almost over-stimulating; over-stimulating mentally just as the physical act that concentrates all my attention downwards.

The whole time he is … is … grooming … yes that is the word … grooming my ass, he is constantly saying little things to me.

Good girl.

Are you comfortable?

You have a pretty little hole.

I don’t even think I answer.  I don’t think I can. All of my thoughts and emotions are concentrated on a small circle of my body.

And I feel exposed. Embarrassed and exhilarated at the same time. My pussy is gushing a stream down my legs.

This is bliss. I secretly love anal sex.

Master better fuck my ass. But I’m not permitted to ask specific attentions from Master. I feel guilty for the thought. I serve only to please Master. I shouldn’t be selfish.

But still, he better fuck my ass.

He continues until he has found every little hair around my anus.

Then a pause.

Master walks away.

What seems like a very long time passes. My ass and pussy are burning up. I don’t know where he is. I start to quietly weep; I’m being selfish again, doing this. I won’t move my hands, but my clit, or ass, or lips … something … anything on my body needs attention now.


A cold, small stream of liquid slickness makes a tiny pool at the cleft above my ass which quickly runs between my cheeks.

You have a perfect little hole for me to stretch.

I smile.

Hold still.

I feel pressure on my anus. I try not to giggle with the delight of realized anticipation. I’m not successful.

Master’s cock makes three short strokes into my ass. Then with full force, he slams all the way into me. His hips smack into my ass cheeks with a wonderful sounding slap. I hope it leaves me marked.

Master holds very still for a moment. I can feel his length and girth. My insides can feel every vein and ridge of his erection. I’m burning with excitement at each change in contour of Master’s member.

He seems even harder than usual. I love that I have this power even when impaled by him and pinned to a bed.

Master’s hips begin to slowly piston into me. At first my just my hips rock up and forward gently. My pussy floods the bed.

Then his body rams me more quickly and forcefully. I struggle to hold my hands by my side. I have to rotate them to keep my self steady. I try and mask this little disobedience.

My body begins to shudder. Even though Master has not touched them all night, my nipples fire with electricity. My stomach begins to convulse.

Go ahead.

Cum for me.


Every muscle in stomach, thighs and vagina violently screams from the flood of orgasm.

First one.

Master continues to drive into my ass.

Moments later a second orgasm steals my every last ounce of energy. My body betrays my Master’s instructions to hold still. I collapse completely into the bed.

I have to remember to breathe. I can’t recall having multiple orgasms from anal sex before. This thought draws a wicked grin on my face that even the gag cannot hide.

I feel stretched yet wonderfully relaxed. Open. I’ve experienced a new, unusual punishment. A wonderfully humiliating punishment, being plucked.

Already I’m impatient to regrow those tiny, sensitive hairs so I can be plucked again.

Abruptly I slip into sleep, almost without realizing it is happening.

I love my Master.

~ by Diana on August 22, 2008.

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  1. well that is a nice welcome back

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