Sticky Sweet HNT

Short shorts. Faded blue denim.
Cotton ribbed tank. Pastel mint green.
Ponytail holding up cascading curls. Mascara. Lipstick: pale pink. French toes.
102 degrees outside. 75% humidity.

It is hot! I am glistening. Shining as I come in from running errands. The air conditioning is cooling, but not enough. It just seems to pull the water from the air, but not the heat. I drop the bags and head for the glass of cool chai he is offering me. The frosty glass meets my cheek before it meets my lips. He watches as I gulp down a few swallows in effort to cool off.

I bring the glass from my lips to cool my chest as his lips reach over to meet mine. They warm the recently cooled flesh. He trails sweet salty feathery kisses across my cheek, down my neck, across my collarbone and down lower. Once again warming freshly cooled flesh, this time the glowing flesh of my rounded cleavage.

Still I must drink more cold beverage to keep the heat from overwhelming me. As I try to concentrate on my drink his lips move again. He peels my shirt up bringing those tickling feathery kisses down my belly. My breath catches as the tip of his tongue dips under my waistband. He pops open the top button and lingers, spreading kisses over my lime green cotton panties.

My sticky sweaty body is has melted from icky heat to sticky sweet. Kiss me.

~ by Diana on May 22, 2008.

11 Responses to “Sticky Sweet HNT”

  1. Wow… I can almost feel the heat….

  2. very sexy! I love the “atmosphere” of the pic.

  3. Really great picture. I like the shadow and lighting, I can imagine the heat. The text was really hot to. Oh, my… I have to cool down.

    Happy late HNT!

    My blog is ‘invite only’ Please send me a mail and ask for invitation!!! ( )

  4. I can feel it…
    looking good!

  5. This is a beautiful photo!

  6. I love your blog. I love when guys kiss your underwear before taking it off..

  7. So pretty.

  8. Lovely. Your words make me want a good kiss! Ok, nevermind, I always want a good kiss. 😉

  9. Very atmospheric and erotic. It’s Friday in UK but Happy HNT anyway.

  10. A new pic….very nice…….

  11. Sexy photos – and very steamy!!!! Happy Belated HNT!!!!

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