A Business Conference

I had dreamed of this day constantly over the last few months. Summer seemed so long. Yesterday he sent my first order. It read, “Pack clips, balls, plug, pearls & lube in your tote. Carry with you always.” I was a jumble of nerves and excitement.

Last night the message read, “Send text when you arrive at the hotel.” And so as my shuttle arrived I sent the message, “I am here, Master.” Nothing. No response. I checked in, found my room and resent the message. Was something wrong? He was due to arrive hours before me. I unpacked and checked my phone. Still nothing. I resent the message for a third time.

I was about to leave to go have a look around the conference space when my phone buzzed. I jumped. A shock of heat ran through my core. It read, “Clips now! Dinner 6pm.” “Yes master,” I sent back. I fumbled through my tote and found the cosmetic case holding my toys. My homemade clips went on. With my bra and shirt over them they would not be noticeable. It was 5:30pm. My panties were wet in anticipation of our long overdue reunion.

I was waiting outside the restaurant at 5:50pm. I had been trying to avoid getting there too early, but I just couldn’t wait any longer. At 6pm he walked up. I nearly cried at seeing him. It had been so long and we had been through so much to get to this point. He came over and gave me a big bear of a hug, pushing his chest into mine, sending shivers of heated pain through my body. He made all the usual pleasantries and we talked casually as we stood in line for our meal.

My mind was racing. Was this for real? Just give me some sign? How am I standing here pretending that we are just friends? I know this is the deal. This is how it has to be for both our lives outside of this fantasy, but I just need a little wink.

We sat at an empty table & I silently prayed that no one would join us. No one did. And still I got no sign from him that he was the one who had sent those messages to me. Halfway through our meal he looked at me and asked, “Do you have any paperclips?” I froze. Slowly I looked up at him. “I just need two. Would you mind getting them for me?” He smiled at me and I understood the game he was playing.

I went to the restroom and removed my clips. A painfully wonderful heat ran to my nipples as the blood returned to them. My phone buzzed. “Plug” I returned with “Yes Master.” I took out my lube and anal plug. I nearly came as I inserted it. The knowledge that I was fulfilling my wildest fantasy by obeying his commands was intoxicating.

When I returned my plate was gone. There was a cup of coffee waiting for me. Master was eating dessert. I took my place across from him, relishing the sensations as I sat. He asked for the paperclips I had gone to get. I sheepishly found them in my bag and put them in my fist. “They’re a little bent.” I said as I handed them to him. He smiled and tucked them into his pocket.

He was going to a lecture and asked me if I’d like to join him. “Um, okay.” I said looking slightly confused. He looked straight at me and got very serious. “I asked you if you’d like to go to hear the lecture with me.” “Yes!” I said looking him in the eye as I whispered, “Master.” “That’s better,” he said quietly. He took one last sip of his coffee and we got up to go.

Sitting through the lecture had been excruciating. I was sitting next to my friend, my master, my lover. We weren’t touching, but I could feel the heat of his thigh next to mine. I could hear the rhythm of his breath. I could smell his scent and it was driving me crazy. He was listening intently to the speaker. I was running a million different scenarios through my head. When the lecture was over, he stood, said good-bye and left. He said something about plans for the night. I was crushed. I sat back down and stared at the stage in disbelief.

Ten minutes later as I was making my way back to my room, plug now back in my tote, my phone buzzed. “Room 1274” My heart lept into my throat. I hastened to push the button for the twelfth floor as the elevator opened on my own floor. Master was waiting, door open. I am sure I had the biggest cheesy grin on my face. He didn’t say a word until we got to the living room of his suite. He was just watching me walk in. No kiss, not greeting at all. The door shut with a heavy clunk. My smile was gone. I was back to a bundle of nerves.

When he finally spoke it was to tell me all the things I had done wrong or forgotten today. I had sent the first text 3 times. Just because he didn’t answer, didn’t mean that he hadn’t got the message. I am never to send a text more than once and am never to send a text when I haven’t received one from him first. I did not address him appropriately when he asked for the clips. I did not respond appropriately when asked about the lecture. I did not respond to the text to come to his room at all. Then he asked me if he had missed anything. I swallowed hard and nodded. “What!” “Yes Master.” I reached for my bag to show him the plug. He stopped me. He pulled my face to look at him. “Tell me what else you have done wrong today.” “I, I thought you had gone for the night. I took out the plug, Master.”

He opened his bedroom door and sent me in. “Put your bag on the bed, drop your pants and put your hands behind your head. I hear him fussing about. I hear things banging and being dropped on the bed behind me. “Spread your legs as far as you can. Keep your knees straight and bend over,” he finally says. I quickly comply saying, “Yes Master.” as I bend. I gasp as he quickly forces the plug back in and tells me how disappointed he is that his plans for the evening will have to be postponed. “I’m sorry, Master.” I yelp as he pinches my clit. His hand moves away, but I still feel pinched. It is one of my clips. “Oh god!” I thought. He yanks up my thong and barks at me to get in the corner. I waddle over as best I can and rest my forehead on the wall.

I’m not sure how long I stood there waiting. It seemed like forever. I heard him leave. I’m not sure when he came back. But there he was, holding me. The clip and plug were gone, so were my pants. My forehead was now pressed against his chest. My eyes were wet. He whispered in my ear. “It will be okay. You’ll get better at this. I love you.” I sobbed. I had so wanted to do everything right for him. I had so wanted to make his time as my Master a pleasant one. I had so wanted to please him.

Gently he moved me across his lap. He told me softly how much better I’d feel after accepting what I had done and moving on. And then the spanking began. I thought he would go easy after such caring and tenderness. I was wrong. Soon I was squirming and jumping under his hand. My sobs turned to yelps and then to screams. And the spanking continued. My bottom was raw. The heat was intense and I was dripping. Somewhere the pain became desire. All I wanted was to feel him inside me. I started to beg. “Please fuck me Master. Please!”

The spanking stopped and he roughly rubbed my bottom. His fingers grazed my flesh. They brushed against my clit and entered me for a moment. I moaned. But I was not to be given pleasure. I slid to his feet. He stood and lowered his pants and I greedily clung to him. My mouth found him eagerly. I lapped at his balls and left sweet kisses along his thighs. I took him fully into my mouth. I moved back and forth content to be giving my Master pleasure. His fingers ran through my hair and moved my head as he pleased. He pushed me back and I fell to my sore bottom as he came in my face and over my chest. I relished every moment.

Master sent me to clean up and I was allowed to sleep next to him. I drifted off to sleep thinking about how I would do better tomorrow.

~ by Diana on May 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “A Business Conference”

  1. Your master seems to be a wonderful teacher with a heavy hand and yet a loving touch.

  2. sounds like everything started off just right.

  3. Gosh… I don’t know how you get any business accomplished at a conference like that!

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