Master’s Desk (Part 1)

It was a hot steamy summer day. Master and I slept late after an evening of heavy play. He made coffee and breakfast so I could stay in bed and rest a little more. After breakfast we showered, I was still in my robe when he pulled me to him by the sash.

“Put your hair up and your collar on and meet me in my office, Pet.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I did as I was told and proceeded to Master’s office still with my lime green terry cloth robe. The first thing I noticed upon entering was his empty desk. Usually Master has stacks of papers and projects on his big cherry wood desk. The only thing on his desk now was his computer and keyboard.

“Come here, Pet.”

I walked around forward to the desk and then started around the side.

“Drop the robe.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The room was cool and comfortable from the air conditioner, but I was now standing naked by the bank of floor to ceiling windows. The hot summer sun shined its heat through the blinds.

“Spread your legs to either side of the desk and put your chin on the desk.”

Huh? I have never been called into Master’s office for play before. Now he was asking me to bend naked across his desk. I hesitated and looked down. My cuffs were on the floor tied to the legs of the desk. My heart began to beat faster.


I jumped. I put my ankles next to the cuffs on the floor and bent over his desk. It was cold and hard on my naked breasts and belly. I lay my cheek down on the cool desk, arms at my side, and wondered. What is in store for me today? What new treats does Master have in mind today?

He buckled my cuffs, stood and pressed his denim covered crotch into my backside as he grabbed my arms and locked my wrists behind my back. He stepped away and, Smack!

“I said, ‘Chin on the desk.’”

There were tears in my eyes as I hastened to lift my chin. My ass smarted. I was not prepared for such a hard spank. Having my chin on the desk stretched me from head to toe. Master lifted my hips, pulling me to my toes, then came around to his chair and pulled me forward by my shoulders and chin. If I thought I was stretched before, I was mistaken.

Then Master sat and started typing. Surfing the net. Reading. My eyes could only watch his hands on the keyboard. My body gave in to its positioning. My eyes eventually closed. I was lulled to a kind of sleep state by the heat of the sun radiating across my backside.

I cannot say how long I lay there. Master absentmindedly stroked my cheek, my hair, my back. Then, Smack! I yelped awake. Master was gone but the sting of his hand was fresh on my bottom.

I concentrated on catching my breath and listening for my loving Master. I couldn’t hear him at all. I tried to wiggle and stretch my tightening muscles as best I could. My arms were especially uncomfortable.


Master must have come in while I was concentrating on my tired muscles.

“You will be far more sore and tired by the end of this day, Pet.”

And then Master began to rain blows across my ass and thighs. There was no warm up. There was no mercy. My ass was on fire.

Master stopped and I opened my mouth for a gulp of air. It was immediately full. My gag was being tightened around my neck. My god, there was more coming! Tears spilled from my eyes.

I bit down on the gag and waited. I waited for it. I was ready, but no. I relaxed my jaw. I relaxed my clenched bottom. My knees sagged. My breath calmed.


Hard, firm strikes. Across my ass and my thighs. So many I could not count. (Or maybe, just so hard that I could not count.) The heat from those blows ran down my legs releasing all tension from my legs and toes. It ran up my back and down my arms. I couldn’t think. All I could do was give myself over to the pain. Give myself over to my Master, my love. I was lost to the heat, the pain, the love.

~ by Diana on April 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “Master’s Desk (Part 1)”

  1. Your master is good at giving you what you need. A good master always does.

  2. All I can say is wow!!!! I look at your blog every day in hope of more like this one!!!

  3. What a fine line to walk…that pleasure and pain. It sounds as if you both got exactly what you needed. 😉

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