New Toys

My new collar and gag came in the mail yesterday. My heart beat faster just looking at the box. When he came home I put on a nighty and met him on the bed to open the box. As we pulled the black leather collar out of the box my breath caught. I felt immediately submissive. My eyes lowered and I crawled to him, laying my head on his thigh. He unpacked the rest of the box. A gag (gasp) and flogger (eek!) followed the collar. Then he sent me to put up my hair.

I put up my hair and brought out the cuffs. First he tightened the two-inch leather collar around my neck. So different to have that stiff leather holding my head up. Then he pushed the leather gag into my mouth. It stretched my mouth wide. I pushed it in and out a few times getting used to it. (I didn’t tell him that he should have made it tighter.) With each cuff tightening over wrist and ankle, my tension released, anticipation heightened.

Cuffed, collared and gagged, I was sent to the bed. I assumed the position on a stack of pillows, ass in the air, arms behind my back. He locked my wrists together and pushed my legs apart with what must have been the spreader bar and began to tease me with that flogger.

I could think of nothing but the pressures of bondage upon my body. Then the feel of the flogger caressing my skin seeped through my senses. I could feel my wetness grow. The leather thongs pulled at my wet pussy, sticking slightly as they passed over my bottom. Then, whack! A warm up swing. A gentle sting. A few more. He’s testing the feel of it.  I’m loving it.

I’ve read about being in sub-space, but never been there really, never really understood what was meant by it. I was there now. In that space where there was nothing: nothing but him and me and the flogger. I do not have any idea how long I was there. I was all about the breath and the sensation. The gag, the collar, the cuffs; they contained my body, my being. They all contributed to holding me in. Then a final, Whack!

Release! My body let loose, my orgasm consumed me. Slowly I became aware of his voice, his hands rubbing my arms. “Do you need to change positions?” I shook my head. “Are you ready?” I nodded.

~ by Diana on April 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “New Toys”

  1. All I can say is wow! What a lucky Master yu have!

  2. wonderful story dear…seems like you are finding a good way to play

  3. I love subspace. I can usually only get there when there is enough pain. But you can really tell when you’re letting go and going there. Powerful.

    Have lots of fun with your new toys!

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