Connections (Part 1)

I left with no one. I returned with three: a bachelor, a newlywed, and my friend who was divorced, but since remarried. I left feeling alone. I returned feeling strangely fulfilled.

It started with the week from hell. Everything that could go wrong did! When I got on the plane I just needed something to wash away the numbness I felt from the week before.
My flight was routed thru Las Vegas and I was seated amongst ten boys bound for a bachelor party. One was married, one was getting married, and the rest were chronically single.

The one sitting to my right seemingly was just a boy (maybe 28) — a boy with incredible biceps. They were the first things I noticed about him as he sat down. When he smiled at me and said hello, I felt a pull in the base of my belly. Turns out he was the groom’s best man. The more we chatted the more it became clear to me how much I needed him. I wanted him to make me forget. I wanted his lips to distract me from my pain. I wanted his hands to distract me from my thoughts. I wanted him to fill me with a reason to smile.

We flirted and teased for more than half the flight. His friends were watching the movie or sleeping, as were most of the people on the flight. We were making a connection. It was one part instant chemistry mixed with two parts raw need.

We made our way to the lavatory. I sat on the sink. He stood in front of me. Our bodies locked immediately. He trailed kisses along my neck and across my cleavage as he fumbled to pull down my pants. I was desperately working on his fly as well. We came together, him holding me, my legs wrapped around him, my lips locked with his, my hands holding his strong arms as they worked to lift me up and down on his cock. It was all I could do not scream as he came, his ejaculation triggering my own orgasm.

Later, back in our seats I fell asleep, my head on that amazing bicep, proud to be a member of the mile high club.

~ by Diana on April 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “Connections (Part 1)”

  1. sounds like a great flight to me!

  2. hmmmm what an interesting story…

  3. Ah yes… the mile high club. I’m still not a member. Seems that it’s harder for that to happen these days… everyone’s always watching what everyone on the flight is doing.

  4. Planned sex on an airplane has always seemed a bit contrived to me (not to mention the fact that there are nicer smelling places to have a tryst with a lover at,) but the spontaneity of your experience negates those notions. I can never sleep on airplanes… maybe I should try that.

  5. Damn! Don’t they give special little wings for that?

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