Meeting My Master (Part Two)

If you missed Part One click here.

When he was ready we went downstairs to the bar. He ordered a martini, three olives. I ordered tonic with a lime. I hadn’t eaten in a while; I didn’t want to get too tipsy too fast. I munched some peanuts while we drank, shifting every now and then to another part of my sore bottom.

When Master finished his martini his tone changed again. He took the skewer of gin soaked olives, placed them on a cocktail napkin and handed them to me. He looked me directly in the eye and told me to save them in my pussy for later. I must have hesitated for he got very stern. I quickly moved to the restroom. I inserted the three large olives and wondered if they would stay in place.

When I got back to the bar Master was not there. He was waiting at the door. It is never good to leave Master waiting, but when I got to him he just helped me into my jacket and held the door open for me. We walked down the block to the restaurant together arm in arm.

At the restaurant, Master slid into the booth next to me. He ordered another martini and wine for me. He also ordered my dinner for me. He did this with his back to me and his hand under my skirt gently caressing my thigh. I didn’t even notice that he had ordered. We talked through dinner. I flirted and teased. I don’t think I even realized I was doing it. I was just enjoying the dinner.

Sometime halfway through dinner Master handed me his olives and ordered another martini. When the waiter left he sent me to the restroom and three more large olives found a home inside me. I was feeling rather full as I walked backed to our table. I was also walking with my thighs rather close together.

Dinner was cleared and Master gave me the olives from his last martini. I had only had one glass of wine, but the walk to the restroom proved I was a bit past tipsy. As I inserted the next three olives I realized that the thin membranes of my cunt were soaking up the alcohol from the gin soaked olives. With the olives threatening to pop out I returned to my Master. He had already paid and was waiting by the door again.

We walked back towards the hotel. I held his arm as I sort of waddled along clenching my pussy. On our way we stopped for dessert. Master fed me something warm and creamy and made of chocolate. We drank coffee. I kept my legs crossed wondering what else Master intended for me.

~ by Diana on April 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Meeting My Master (Part Two)”

  1. You really do follow directions well…

  2. Your posts are so hot. More please.

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