Strung Tight

He pulled the laces of my corset tight, tighter and tighter. Lifting my breasts up and over the top, my nipples scrapping the top edges. He pulled my wrists back and cuffed them, first right, then left. My shallow breathes bringing me the scent of leather.

He circled to my feet, buckled more cuffs and spread feathery kisses down my thighs. I brought my leather bound wrists to tousle his hair and let my hands run across his shoulders, down his arms and around his waist as his lips found mine. He turned me around and brought the black silk scarf across my eyes, took me by the hand and led me to his bed.

Once on my back he pushed my knees up and clipped my wrists to my ankles. He grabbed my cinched waist, jerked me toward him, and dropped my head off the edge of the bed. He returned his attention to my soaking lips; hot breathe on my labia, warm tongue flicking. Shivers jerked my body. Then he was gone; his cock found my hungry mouth. He pushed his way in and fucked it. I gagged, fought for breathe, and cried from the force of the fuck. My hips bucked with desire. His cock pinned my head to the side of the bed. He reached forward and slapped my pussy, hard. I moaned all over his cock, sending vibrations through to his core.

God, how I wanted his cum. He pulled away from me. I moaned again. And then he was there, pushing my knees to my belly as he entered my wet and wanting pussy. He rode me hard and I begged for him to let me cum and for him to cum for me. He undid my corset.  As I took that first full breath, his hot cum shot across my chest. I pulled on my restraints.

He lay next to me and watched me struggle. I wanted to touch that cum. I wanted to rub it in all over my breasts and down to my clit. I continued to struggle. To beg. His cum had already started to cool when he finally released my hands and guided me to my swollen clit.

It didn’t take long.

He whispered encouragement in my ear as I rubbed his cum on my clit and labia. His warmth combined with mine and the heat traveled across my labia, up my vagina and the floodgates opened. My whole body shook and his praise rang in my ear.

I only vaguely recall him removing the cuffs and corset. I remember the warmth of his body wrapping around mine, and the weight of the covers being drawn up to my shoulders. I remember feeling totally his, totally content.

I love him.

~ by Diana on March 31, 2008.

3 Responses to “Strung Tight”

  1. I hope some of you read an earlier version of my story my friend Ed published a while back.

  2. welcome aboard

  3. I just found your site and instantly fell in love with your writing… Browsing through the archives I stumbled upon this and it stopped me dead in my tracks! As I read your words, I can feel the strings being drawn tight, feel the breath leaving my lungs! Very inspiring!

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